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London Drinker Magazine

Every two months, the London Branches of CAMRA produce the London Drinker magazine normally distributed free of charge to pubs across London. On-line versions of the magazine are available here, visit the London Drinker Archive, for older issues.

London Drinker is published by the London Branches of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale Limited, and edited by Tony Hedger.

Material for publication should preferably be sent by e-mail to moc.liamg@regdeh.swendl Correspondents unable to send letters to the editors electronically may post them to Stan Tompkins at ,52 Rabbs Mill House, Chiltern View Road, Uxbridge, UB8 2PD . Press releases should be sent by email to moc.liamg@regdeh.swendl

Pub Updates

If you would like to report changes to pubs or beers for our records, please visit WhatPub Branch Email contacts or if you are still unsure of the branch please email ku.gro.armac.nodnol@buptahw or write to London Drinker, 9 Coppice Close, Raynes Park, London SW20 9AS.

Lack of space has meant that Capital Pubcheck has rarely been included only in part in the magazine, and twice has only been available on line. The complete versions of the relevent Updates are available below:

Capital Pubcheck Update 219 August 2011 (partly in magazine)
Capital Pubcheck Update 220 October 2011 (only on line)
Capital Pubcheck Update 228 Jan 2103 (only on line)
Capital Pubcheck Update 231 July 2013 (partly in magazine)

Roger Warhurst's last Capital Pubcheck Update 234 (only partly in magazine) is now available to download. CAMRA London owes a great thanks to Roger for maintaining this comprehensive record of changes in the London pub scene.

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Subscriptions (UK only)

£9.00 for mailing of 6 editions or £17 for 12 editions should be sent to Stan Tompkins, 52 Rabbs Mill House, Chiltern View Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 2PD (cheques payable to CAMRA London).


London Drinker Rate Card 2019

Our advertising rates are as follows: Whole page £345 (colour) £275 (mono) Half page £210 (colour), £155 (mono) Quarter page £115 (colour), £90 (mono) Phone John Galpin now on 020 3287 2966, Mobile 07508 036835 moc.liamg@aidemniplagnhoj

Views expressed in this publication are those of their individual authors and are not necessarily endorsed by the Editor or the Campaign for Real Ale Limited.