South West Essex Branch (London Pubs only)

Pub, Address & WhatPub linkWebsiteFacebookTwitterStatus
70 Lounge [City Pavilion], City Pavilion (Downstairs), Collier Row Road, RM5 2BHWebFacebookTwitter
80 - 84 Market Place, 80/84 Market Place, RM1 3ER
Admiral Vernon, 141 Broad Street / Morland Road, RM10 9HP
Albion, 2 Rainham Road, RM13 8SSWebFacebook
Alderman, 46 Chippenham Rd / Dartfields, RM3 8HX
Archers, 194/204 Main Road, RM2 5HAWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Ardleigh, 124 Ardleigh Green Road, RM11 2SHWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Ash Grove, 271 Green Lane / New Road, IG3 9TNWeb
Aspen Tree, Gobions Avenue / Chelmsford Avenue, RM5 3SPWebFacebookOPEN
Barking Dog, 61 Station Parade, IG11 8TUWebOPEN
Beacon Tree [Sizzling], 945 Green Lane, RM8 1DJWebFacebookOPEN
Bell & Gate, 248/250 Collier Row Lane, RM5 3JBOPEN
Boathouse Café & Bar, The Granary, Ice House Quarter, 80 Abbey Road, IG11 7BTWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Brewers Fayre, 2 New Road, RM9 6YSWebFacebookOPEN
Bridge House, 62/64 Goodmayes Road / Ashgrove Road, IG3 9UR
Bull, 74-76 Market Place, RM1 3ERWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Caraway Lounge, 290 North Street, RM5 3ABWebFacebook
Champs Sports Bar & Grill, 19/21 Chapel Road / Clements Lane, IG1 2AFWebFacebookTwitter
Chequers, 121 North Street / Billet Lane, RM11 1STOPEN
Chequers, 2 High Street, IG6 2DDWebFacebookTwitter
Cherry Tree, Wood Lane, RM8 3LJWebFacebookOPEN
Chiquito Mexican Grill & Bar, Dagenham Leisure Centre, Cook Road, RM9 6UQWebCLOSED
Colley Rowe Inn, 54-56 Collier Row Road, RM5 3PAWebOPEN
Cricketers, 299-301 High Road, IG8 9HQWebFacebookOPEN
Cross Keys, 48-50 Crown Street, RM10 9UHFacebook
Crown, 360 Hornchurch Road, RM12 4TWWebFacebookOPEN
Crown, 260 London Road / Spring Gardens, RM7 9NA
Crown & Crooked Billet, 13 Cross Road, IG8 8BNWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Crumpled Horn, 33-37 Corbets Tey Road, RM14 2AJWebFacebookOPEN
Deer's Rest, Noak Hill Road, RM3 7LLWebFacebookOPEN
Deuce Lounge, 20-22 London Road, IG11 8AJWeb
Drill, Brentwood Road / Slewins Lane, RM2 5TDWebFacebookOPEN
Eastbrook, Dagenham Road / Rainham Road South, RM10 7UPFacebookOPEN
Epping Forest Hotel, 30 Oak Hill, IG8 9NYWebFacebookOPEN
Eva Hart, 1128 High Road, RM6 4AHWebOPEN
Fairlop Waters (Dalton's & S/D), Forest Road, IG6 3HNWeb
Fatling, 109 High Street, RM11 1TXWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Forester, 107 Burrow Road, IG7 4NHWebFacebook
Frankie & Benny's, Unit 1b, Iscene Leisure, Clements Road, IG1 1BPCLOSED
Frankie & Benny's, Unit Fr2, 1st Floor, The Brewery, RM1 1AUWebCLOSED
Frankies Wine Bar, 29 Station Lane, RM12 6JLWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
General Havelock, 229 High Road / Hainault Street, IG1 1NEFacebookOPEN
Gidea Park Micropub, 236 Main Road, RM2 5HAWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Golden Crane, 117 Avon Road, RM14 1RQFacebookTwitterOPEN
Golden Lion, 2 High Street / North Street, RM1 1HRWebFacebookOPEN
Good Intent, South End Road, RM12 5NUWebFacebookOPEN
Goose, 143 South Street, RM1 1PLWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Goresbrook, 26/28 Goresbrook Road, RM9 6URFacebookOPEN
Great Spoon Of Ilford, 114/116 Cranbrook Road, IG1 4LZWebOPEN
Harold, 51 Station Road / Arundel Road, RM3 0BSWebTwitterOPEN
Harrow, 130 Hornchurch Road, RM11 1DPWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Harrow, Billet Road / Rose Lane, RM6 5PTFacebook
Harvester Beehive, Beehive Lane, IG4 5DRWebFacebookOPEN
Harvester Compasses, 125 Abbs Cross Lane, RM12 4XSWebFacebookOPEN
Harvester Gidea Park, 91 Main Road, RM2 5ELWebFacebookOPEN
Harvester Greyhound, 900 High Road, RM6 4HUWebFacebookOPEN
Havering Well, 148 Rush Green Road, RM7 0QAWebOPEN
Hop Inn Micropub, 122 North Street, RM11 1SUWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Horse & Well, 566/568 High Road, IG8 0PSFacebookTwitterOPEN
Huntsman & Hounds, 2 Ockendon Road, RM14 2DNWebOPEN
IBIS Hotel (Cafe Riviera), Highbridge Road, IG11 7BAWebFacebook
J.J. Moon's, 48-52 High Street, RM12 4UNWebOPEN
Jobber's Rest, St Mary's Lane, RM14 3LTWebFacebook3 Aug
Jono's Bar, 37 Cranbrook Road, IG1 4PAFacebookOPEN
Junction, 70 Station Road, RM14 2TDWebFacebookOPEN
King George V, 645 Cranbrook Road, IG2 6SXWebFacebookOPEN
Kings Lounge, 2 Linton Road, IG11 8HGWebFacebookOPEN
Kosho, 72-74 South Street, RM1 1RXWebTwitterOPEN
La Sala, 692-694 Chigwell Road, IG8 8ALFacebook
Lamb, 5 Market Place, RM1 3ABWeb
Lennards, New Road, RM13 9EB
Liberty Bell (Beefeater), Mercury Gardens / Western Road, RM1 3ENWebFacebookOPEN
Lighterman, 109 Bastable Avenue / Charlton Crescent, IG11 0NXFacebookOPEN
Lord Denman, 270/272 Heathway, RM10 8QS
Mawney Arms, 44 Mawney Road / Willow Street, RM7 7HTWebFacebookOPEN
McCafferty's Bar & Guesthouse, 699-699a High Road, IG3 8RHWebFacebook
Miller & Carter Steakhouse Dick Turpin, Aldborough Road North, IG2 7TDWebFacebookOPEN
Miller & Carter Woodford Green, 393-395 High Road, IG8 0XGWebFacebookOPEN
Monty's Bar, 155 Billet Lane, RM11 1URWebOPEN
Moon & Stars, 99-103 South Street, RM1 1NXWebOPEN
New Angel Inn, 31 Broadway, RM13 9YWOPEN
New Fairlop Oak, Fencepiece Road, IG6 2JPWebOPEN
New Inn, 45 Squirrels Heath Lane, RM2 6DPFacebook
Number Ten, 1st Floor, The Brewery, RM1 1AUWeb
Old Maypole, 105 Fencepiece Road / Cleeves Walk, IG6 2NGWebFacebookOPEN
Old White Horse, Ockendon Road, RM14 3PSFacebookOPEN
O'Neill's, Station Road, IG1 4DWWebFacebookOPEN
Optimist Tavern, Little Gaynes Lane / Hacton Lane, RM14 2XYWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Orange Tree, Orange Tree Hill, RM4 1PJWebFacebookOPEN
Pannas [City Pavilion], City Pavillion (Upstairs), Collier Row Road, RM5 2BHWebFacebook
Papermakers Arms, 57 Roden Street, IG1 2AAFacebook
Phoenix, Broadway, RM13 9YWFacebookOPEN
Pipe Major, 1 Yewtree Avenue / Rainham Road South, RM10 7FNWebFacebookOPEN
Plough, 83 Front Lane, RM14 1XLWebFacebookOPEN
Prince Albert, 32 St Andrews Road / Queen Street, RM7 9BBFacebook
Prince Of Wales, 63 Green Lane / Connaught Road, IG1 1XJWebFacebookOPEN
Queens Theatre (Q Bar), Billet Lane, RM11 1QTWebFacebook
Railway Hotel, Station Lane, RM12 6SBWebFacebookOPEN
Railway Tavern, 126 Snakes Lane East / West Grove, IG8 7HYFacebook
Red House [Beefeater], Redbridge Lane East, IG4 5BGWebFacebook5 Aug
Rising Sun, 64/68 High Street, RM12 4UWWebOPEN
RM5 Lounge, 11 Clockhouse Lane, RM5 3PHWebFacebookOPEN
Rose & Crown, 31 Mill Lane, IG8 0UGWebFacebookOPEN
Roundhouse, Lodge Avenue / Porters Avenue, RM8 2HYFacebookTwitterCLOSED
Royal Oak, North Road, RM4 1PPFacebookOPEN
Royal Oak, 203 Longbridge Road, IG11 8UFWebFacebookOPEN
Saxon Horn, 352 Upminster Road North, RM13 9RYWebFacebook
Saxon King, 198 Petersfield Ave / St Neots, RM3 9PPFacebookOPEN
Shepherd & Dog, 91 Shepherds Hill, RM3 0NPWebCLOSED
Ship, 93 Main Road, RM2 5ELWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Ship & Shovel, Ripple Road, IG11 0SN
Slug & Lettuce, 105/111 South Street, RM1 1NXWebFacebookTwitterCLOSED
Spotted Dog, 15 Longbridge Road, IG11 8TNFacebookOPEN
Sun, 45/47 London Road, RM7 9QAFacebookCLOSED
Sutton Arms, 14/16 Station Lane, RM12 6NJWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Sydney's, 545 Cranbrook Road, IG2 6HE
Thatched House, 348 St Mary's Lane, RM14 3LTWebFacebookOPEN
Thatched House, 632 Ripple Road, IG11 9PGWebFacebookCLOSED
Three Travellers, Wood Lane, RM10 7DSWebFacebookOPEN
Toby Carvery, Ground floor, The Brewery, Brewery Walk, Waterloo Road, RM1 1AUWebFacebookOPEN
Toby Carvery Moby Dick, Whalebone Lane North / Eastern Avenue West, RM6 6QUWebFacebookOPEN
Toby Carvery Woodford Green, 1 Southend Road / Roding Lane North, IG8 8LGWebFacebookOPEN
Tollgate Tavern [Sizzling], High Road / Whalebone Lane North, RM6 6QTWebFacebookCLOSED
Travellers Friend, 496-498 High Road, IG8 0PNWebFacebookOPEN
Unicorn, 225 Clayhall Avenue / Caterham Avenue, IG5 0NYWebFacebookOPEN
Upminster TapRoom, 1b Sunnyside Gardens, RM14 3DTWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Vertigo Lounge, 17-19 Station Lane, RM12 6JLWebFacebookOPEN
Victoria, 122 Victoria Road / Albert Road, RM1 2PAWebOPEN
Victoria, 86 Axe Street / St Ann's Road, IG11 7LZWebOPEN
Visage 80s Bar, 442-444 Cranbrook Road, IG2 6LLFacebook
Wheatsheaf, 45 Wheatsheaf Road / Brentwood Road, RM1 2HD
Wildwood Restaurant & Bar, 168 High Street, RM12 6QUWebFacebookOPEN
Willow Farm (Table Table), New Road, RM13 9EDWebFacebookOPEN
Windmill, 167 Upminster Road, RM14 2RBWebFacebookOPEN
World's Inn, 113-117 South Street, RM1 1NXWebOPEN
Yates's, 87-89 South Street, RM1 1NXWebFacebookTwitterOPEN