London Region

Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

LBA Secretary Application Process

If you are interested in applying please follow this process

1. Interested applicants should apply by submitting a single sheet of A4 detailing their relevant experience; key points as to what they would hope to achieve with the LBA over a 3 year period.; why they believe they would be best suited to this role.

2. These written applications will be received by a sub-group (John Keeling; Tom Lowe; Peter Hill and Peter Haydon). E-mail addresses to be used are:

i. ku.oc.srelluf@gnilek.nhoJ ii. moc.erupruof@mot iii. ku.oc.yrewerbyenkcah@ofni iv. moc.liamg@tahadaeha

3. A short list of 3 top candidates will be invited to a full LBA meeting on 4th Feb at the Bull, Highgate. If the sub-group cannot find 3 suitable candidates they will only put through the number they do think should be seen. If none are suitable then the matter shall be referred back to the next meeting.

4. Each candidate will have strictly 10 minutes to do a presentation covering the above points. There will be a max 10 mins question time so that all candidates are seen with 1 hour. Candidates will be seen one at a time with the others enjoying a beer in the bar during the process. This meeting will then reach a consensus on the successful candidate. Feedback to all 3 candidates will be by phone on the following day.