London branches align with borough boundaries to strengthen pub campaigning

Working relationships with councillors and officers within our boroughs are essential to our all-important pub campaigning. As the local planning authorities, councils adopt, maintain and apply pub protection policies and consult on planning applications for demolition or change of use. It helps if they know which CAMRA branches to consult, and it helps us if the local branch structure is easy to understand and explain.

Changes to branch areas agreed through consultation between neighbouring branches and resolution at General Meetings since last August increase from 20 to 27 those of the 33 London Boroughs served by just one CAMRA branch. The six that remain shared are Brent (between North London and West Middlesex); Camden, Hackney and Islington (between North London and East London & City); Lambeth (between South East London and South West London); and Redbridge (between South West Essex and East London & City).

In June, Merton members of Kingston & Leatherhead branch were advised of their transfer to South West London. Members living in other areas that now belong to different branches are hereby advised:
• Brent: West London members to North London
• Camden: West London members to North London
• Ealing: North London and West London members to West Middlesex
• Hammersmith & Fulham: North London members to West London
• Hounslow: West London and West Middlesex members to Richmond & Hounslow
• Westminster: North London members to West London

Belonging to a new branch will mean you receive information and invitations to events from a different team of local volunteers, whom I hope you will support and with whom you may wish to become actively involved, not least in continuing to campaign for and in your local pubs and clubs. A map identifies which pubs within which boroughs belong to different branch areas than they did a year ago.

But it does not mean that you cease to belong to any social network or mailing list in which you have until now been included. You may choose where and with whom you want to associate within CAMRA. And if for any reason you would still prefer formally to be registered as an ‘out of area’ member of your previous branch, would you please email ku.gro.armac@pihsrebmem

Geoff Strawbridge
Greater London Regional Director