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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Nationwide Celebration for Britain's National Drink

Nationwide Celebration for Britain's National Drink Cask Ale Week, 28 September - 7 October, Only in Britain, Only in Pubs!

It's uniquely British, it's fresh and it's bursting with flavour. It's produced with natural ingredients, has over 1,000 different 'flavour compounds' - and it's what puts the British pub in a league of its own. So it is hardly surprising that pubs, breweries, foodies and drinkers are keen to celebrate cask ale in a week designated specially for the purpose.

Cask Ale Week runs from Friday 28th September to Sunday 7th October and incorporates free pint offers, beer festivals, tutored ale tastings, exclusive brewery tours, beer with food matching sessions, special menus designed around ale and a variety of promotions.

It is being launched on Wednesday 26th September with Master Classes in Cask Ale Tasting run by renowned Beer Academy Sommeliers who will be inspiring their audiences with excellent ales, scholarly insight and massive enthusiasm.

"If anyone thinks that this is just a method of converting people away from other drinks to cask ale, it unashamedly is! Cask ale is a long drink, relatively low in alcohol, bursting with flavour, and when served in good condition, it's the best drink in the world. It is unique to this country and a big part of what keeps British pubs - and indeed British breweries - alive. So if Cask Ale Week helps us to create new fans, then we'll be doing a service to the economy as well as spreading a little enjoyment around the nation!"

Throughout the 10 days (yes indeed, funny Week!) there are activities in pubs and breweries up and down the country. The Cask Ale Week website, Facebook page and Twitter provide further information, Also, anyone downloading the CaskFinder app on their smartphone can join in the "World's Biggest Ale Trail" and have a chance of winning a special T shirt after visiting just 12 of the 8,000 Cask Marque accredited pubs in the country! For more information go to